Wordle 453: September 15, 2022 Hints & Answer

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It's time for yet another puzzle, and September 15th's Wordle solution is much less challenging. Players will be tasked to figure out today's five-letter word in six attempts which might not be easier than it sounds. Today's answer is somewhat tricky as there is only one possible answer when players figure out the correct position of a few letters. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn't give players any contextual hints, so players tend to depend on using their usual starting word in the hopes of finding some confirmed letters. Usually, beginning words contain vowels and consonants that yield the correct position of at least a few letters. That is the case for today's Wordle answer since there are two vowels in the middle of the solution. While that is a great starting point, players will have better luck using one of Wordle's other modes.

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