KIRO Newsradio Headlines: 13 new wildfires emerged after lightning storm

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13 new wildfires emerged after lightning storm

This week’s lightning storms ignited 13 new wildfires in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.

Spokesperson Robin DeMario told KIRO Newsradio about half are near Cle Elum, but not a threat to homes.

Steep cliffs are helping stop the fires’ spread.

Many of the fires have started in areas of the forest that are not dry, which is also helping.

West Seattle Bridge opens up business for local stores

Small businesses in West Seattle said they are looking forward to Sept. 18, when the bridge is slated to reopen after 2.5 years.

From restaurants to toy shops, the businesses said they have noticed a drop in customers. People who used to make a day trip from out of town or other parts of Seattle now aren’t making the trek nearly as much.

The silver lining is, West Seattle residents also haven’t been leaving as much — so the businesses have been able to draw on the loyal local crowd for support.

Earl Thomas loses home to fire

A raging fire in Orange, Texas ripped through the home of former Seahawks star Earl Thomas.

Officials suspect the house was hit by lightning.

Thomas and two other people were at home at the time and escaped without injury.

Local fire authorities say the house was a total loss.

Governor Jay Inslee “steps in” as the Monkeypox virus spreads

There are now more than 250 cases of Monkeypox in Washington in a dozen counties.

Given that, Governor Jay Inslee said he’s issuing a directive to the state health department, basically ordering it to do a range of things, from public outreach and monitoring to making sure vaccines and treatments are distributed.

Monkeypox — which is usually spread by close physical contact — is rarely deadly, but it is painful and can leave scars.

Amazon working to create a series similar to “America’s Funniest Home Videos”

Amazon-owned companies Ring and MGM said they’re creating a show featuring videos from Ring’s doorbell and smart-home cameras.

“Ring Nation” will be hosted by comedian Wanda Sykes and will premier in syndication next month.

Producers said they’ll get permission from those who own and appear in the videos before sharing them.

Seattle-based Amazon purchased Ring in 2018 and Hollywood studio MGM earlier this year.

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