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Inspire your team to achieve the American Dream

Motivational Speaker

When Nick speaks, people listen. As a motivational speaker, he has educated thousands through his seminars, workshops, and programs at conventions, conferences, and retreats. Having overcome numerous personal and business challenges, he offers a unique perspective based on strength of character and resilience.

True to his Australian roots, he doesn’t pull any punches, and his stories of strength and survival are seasoned with a dash of Australian humor. Topics of presentation include managing change, communication skills, the importance of confidence, and inspired creativity.

Nick Adams in America

Nick has been described as one of the orators of our generation, and his writing has often been compared to Alexis de Tocqueville. Having spoken in over twenty states since 2009, he is a growing phenomenon, often bringing his audience to their feet and reducing them to tears with his inspirational and compelling reasons as to why he believes America is the greatest nation in the world, and why he is ready to fight to protect the country at all costs.

Nick considers America to be more than a geographical entity or collection of fifty states; he sees it as an inspirational ideal and the model to which every nation should aspire. For this reason, he believes a love for America is in the bloodstream of any conservative. His analysis of America as the only values-driven country in the world today, and the role of patriotism, assimilation, religion, military, and a culture of exceptionalism in achieving this has many calling him the antidote to international anti-Americanism.

In his speaking tours, Nick outlines the need for the United States to stay true to the principles of its founding: freedom, liberty, democracy, opportunity, justice, and bravery. He considers there to be no greater moral imperative than keeping America strong. He illuminates to his audiences the global consequences of a weak America, or an America that does not believe in itself. Nick’s view is simple: what is good for America is good for the world. Above all, he inspires people.

Be bold. Be American.

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