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Published on April 16th, 2015 | by Nick Adams


Nick Adams Slams Liberal Thom Hartmann on Islam

April 16th, 2015 | by Nick Adams

Things got heated last night on The Thom Hartmann ShowMidweek Rumble“, when conservative commentator Nick Adams and one of the Left’s favorite sons, Thom Hartmann, went head-to-head on Sharia Law in America.

At one point Adams asks Hartmann: “Have you read the Koran?”

The segment finishes with Adams suggesting… well, click below to find out…

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  • Eva St. Clair

    Thom Hartmann = pencil-neck, anti-American geek. Pretty bad when we have to rely on a foreigner to defend our country against our own misguided citizens. sigh.

  • manny

    I’d give that guy less than 2 minutes to live if he were to be parachuted into an area where Sharia Law is practiced (unless he were to be taken as a hostage).

    Actually, in fairness however, I’d give him roughly the same chance in any major US city alone after dark, as I think he has trouble even putting on his glasses in the morning, but that is beside the point. (did I mention that his physique does appear uniquely well suited to groveling?).

    Seriously, in answer to Eva – I agree completely. Nick Adams actually does love this country and cares about the core values we should all hold as dear, and therefore guard zealously, regardless of party affiliation.

    We should not hope for ANY change except to abandon policies intended to or likely to destroy this country from within. Sharia Law acceptance, in any form, is completely contrary to the values which our forefathers embraced and safeguarded at all costs, even if it meant making someone upset – (Yes I realize
    how horrible it would be if someone were to be offended, but sadly sometimes it happens – so get over it).

    Sometimes I guess it takes an “outsider” to really wake people up.

  • James Kroeger

    Nick Adams is telling it like it is. Thom Hartmann is just another blind sheeple!

  • Aunt Dot

    THANK YOU… FOR SAYING SOMETHING WONDERFUL ABOUT OUR COUNTRY!!! We know we have a lying, immoral idiot sitting in our white house who lies not only to us, but also on the national stage!!! This idiot condemns the rebel flag then speaks about the torture blacks suffer at the hands of white police, firefighters and citizens while NOT saying those people rejected any of their orders and dared them to do something. He refuses to honor soldiers killed by muslims, covers the white house with the colors of freaks and fags and blames everything on us!!! We have a congress but, if he doesn’t like the decision, he goes around to the supreme court or his own rules and refuses to obey the law…. then he wonders why others disrespect him!!! Why he have little or NO RESPECT for those who took an oath to protect the Constitution and then aid him is his zest to continue to defy the wishes of the people paying the bills!!! The fact that the moon-cow spent $ 1,000 per room per night for her entires extended family in a hotel shows the lack of respect for our country!! He is contemplating a third term??? against the constitution… but, since when did the laws of the land stop him… and you know Pelousy and Reid will encourage him to do so that demonpoops will continue to break the law and put Americans in jeopardy!! I truly believe if he even tries… we will fight again for our country and it will be worse than the civil war!!!

  • The Realist

    Thom? Really? Thom? Quite the pretentious douchebag he is. Listening to clueless liberals spout their one liners makes my head want to explode.

  • nander74

    Nick Adams is a foreign douche-nozzle who saw the idiocy of the US REIGH-wing. He uses their propensity to be fearful of what they don’t understand and death grip on their bibles in order to make an easy buck – nothing more. If he’s such a powerful speaker/writer and the US is the model the world should follow, why doesn’t he use his God given talent to effect change in HIS OWN home country?

    Probably because his Democratic home of Australia doesn’t have a problem with their universal medicine, low-cost higher education, and mandatory participatory democracy. Proof? Don’t see too many Aussies trying to sneak into our country to live… and THAT should tell you something.

    Shut up Nick – and go back home where you belong. And you chicken5h1t, republitard suckers need to think for yourself and try NOT living in fear of everything your tiny minds can’t process for a change.

    Oh… and… one last thing…

    Whether you like it or not, 9/11 happened on George W. Bush’s watch and Bin Laden was killed on Obama’s.

    That is all.

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