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Published on November 24th, 2015 | by Nick Adams


HOT New Political Correctness Book – Pre-order Thanksgiving Special

November 24th, 2015 | by Nick Adams

Do you love America and hate political correctness?

Then – you must read this book!!

What book??

A book that has a foreword written by one of America’s favorite voices – Dennis Prager.

A book that has been endorsed Ben Carson, Dana Perino, Hugh Hewitt, Lt. Col Oliver North, the NRA, National Review and Dick Morris.

And a book written by conservative America’s favorite Aussie.

Retaking America – Crushing Political Correctness by best-selling author Nick Adams!

It’s out in February 2016, but is available for pre-order right now!

In fact, Amazon are offering a special Thanksgiving deal on it right now. Click here to pre-order.

Ever wondered what kind of strategy would crush political correctness? Ever considered what we can do with the snowflake college students of today? Ever imagined what the 2017 Inaugural Speech should sound like? Retaking America – Crushing Political Correctness delivers a trifecta the Left will hate – a game plan to win, a critique and inspiring read.

Don’t just take it from us!!

National Review says: “Political correctness has a big mouth, and Nick Adams fills it with a well-deserved knuckle sandwich. Retaking America is an unvarnished lo-down from Down Under that encourages the US of A to snap out of it, embrace is frontier spirit, and beat the tar out of the insanity and the real worldwide threat to freedom that the PC jihad poses. Adams once again provides a terrific read that tells the Left in plain and simple Aussie where it can stick its tucker bag.

According to nationally-syndicated radio show host, Hugh Hewitt: “Retaking America will infuriate and inspire you, with its point-by-point, fiery deconstruction of the Left’s strong-arm strategy for silencing conservatives, and its passionate call to arms. Sometimes you have to go outside the country to get the best perspective on the country. Explosive, devastating and at times, laugh-out-loud hilarious, Adams provides an acute, eye-opening and inspiring analysis of the incompatibility of political correctness and the American idea. The young Australian may not be politically correct, but he’s closer to dead-on accurate than 95% of the voices you have heard in the past many years.

Or Fox News’ Col. Oli North: “Nick Adams is back, more fearless than ever. . . Retaking America
is candid, funny, bold and compulsory reading . . . a rousing manifesto
against liberal thuggery . . . it’s a terrific page-turner.

Pre-order your copy here, if you love America and hate political correctness.

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