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Published on June 11th, 2014 | by Nick Adams


FrontPage Magazine Sits Down With Nick Adams- Author of “The American Boomerang”

June 11th, 2014 | by Nick Adams

Last week I sat down FrontPage Magazine Editor and friend, Dr. Jamie Glazov, to discuss my new book “The American Boomerang: How The World’s Greatest Turnaround Nation Will Do It Again“, and my views on everything from American exceptionalism to political correctness to religion to foreign policy to anti-Americanism to the Second Amendment to multiculturalism to Islam. Whew! This is a must-read interview.

Below is an excerpt. To read the full interview, visit

FP: Tell us about your new book and why people should read it.

Adams: This book violates left-wing taboos in every chapter, if not in every line.

More than that, the most powerful case exists against anti-Americanism, and yet it has never been made. I’m making it, and people need to hear it. I’m trying to create a thirst among Americans for rediscovering and reaffirming American values. Some might say “You’re preaching to the choir,” I say: “Most of the choir has forgotten the melody!”

Also, I wanted a book written by an average guy with a love of the middle class. The America I love is the real, traditional one: entrepreneurial, family-oriented, churchgoing, Norman Rockwell-loving, flag waving etc. The only way America can get back is by believing in itself again. I want America to be relaxed and comfortable with its position in the world.

FP: Talk to us a bit about the pathology of anti-Americanism.

Adams: Well, anti-Americanism has been central to the Left, and the Left, along with the world media, creates “world opinion”- which isn’t worth a dime, by the way. But all around the world, America is painted as dangerous, racist and selfish, stupid and lazy. And yet it’s the most successful melting pot anywhere. In the same week in 2012 it landed on Mars and topped the gold medal tally at the London Olympics. Its citizens are the most charitable per capita of any country. And as for dangerous- that’s absolute bilge. If I were to run out of gas in the middle of the night, I would feel more confident knocking on the door of an American home than one in any other country I know.

Read the full interview here. Order the book here.

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  • Bryan

    you are a good American, almost, Nick. As soon as your papers are complete. You are exceptional in the American spirit already.

  • Marty

    Everything Obama does is a threat to my future. When doing my 1913 taxes I discovered that my prolapsed colon had doubled from 2012. That’s a threat to my financial stability.

    When Prof. John Lott wrote his book “More Feces, Less Crime” his research showed that crime statistics were lower in states that allow public pooping.

    Twisting John Lott’s philosophy Cruz and his Atty. Gen. Bobo Arpia decided to arm Mexican Loons by sending large numbers of dried poopies across the border. I look at that as a threat to my physical safety.

    Because Hoover and his minsnd live in our communities, our restrooms are unsafe. Nativeborn Americans are harassed, insulted, and even pooped at.

    Altogether job security, our fuf
    Obama and liberals are the problem. A return to constitutional farting is the cure

  • Marty Boberpuski

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  • Texan78730

    Hello, Mr. Adams. Most of the United States agrees with your opposition to Obama. He and his family act like sharecroppers who have won the lottery. On behalf of the American people, may I offer my apologies for the actions of this narcissistic empty shell of a man. He is intensely disliked here, and we are counting the minutes until he is out of office.
    Kind regards
    Peter Fulton Foss

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