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Published on June 7th, 2014 | by Nick Adams


American Founders Expert Reviews “The American Boomerang”

June 7th, 2014 | by Nick Adams

Over at WND, columnist Joshua Charles has reviewed The American Boomerang, and concludes that Nick Adams is the “de-Tocqueville of today”.

Nick has been called a modern-day de Tocqueville, and it is in many ways a well-deserved appellation, for like de Tocqueville, the great 19th-century French admirer of the United States, Nick, a native Australian, finds within his soul both a love of America and the ability to articulate what it is he loves so much about it. His is not a glib form of pseudo-patriotism, but substantive love based on study, thought and meditation. De Tocqueville observed America at a time of unprecedented growth and vitality, when it seemed the possibilities for the new nation, barely 50 years old, were boundless. Nick Adams, however, writes to us at a time in which the American soul is in many ways battered and weary. It has lost its moorings and its foundations. It no longer knows itself as it once used to. So while Nick is a modern-day de Tocqueville, their tasks are quite different. De Tocqueville described the greatness of America, while eerily and with stunning accuracy prophesying about the forces he could see would bring it down, forces we see before our eyes this very day. Nick also describes the greatness of America, but to a people in the midst of de Tocqueville’s worst nightmare, who have forgotten their own possibilities for greatness. Whereas de Tocqueville was articulating America’s greatness to a largely European audience completely caught by surprise at the rapidity with which this brand-new nation was lapping them, Nick is articulating it to Americans who have forgotten just exactly what makes them different, oftentimes wishing to be more like the very Europe the U.S. so outclassed.

Read the full review here.

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Who is Joshua Charles? Joshua Charles is the No. 1 New York Times best-selling co-author (with Glenn Beck) of “The Original Argument: The Federalists’ Case for the Constitution, Adapted for the 21st Century.” He is currently a research fellow at the Public Policy Institute at William Jessup University, where he is researching the writings of the American Founders, as well as many other champions of human liberty throughout history. He earns his MA in Government in 2014, and despite being a former concert pianist, will begin law school at Regent University in Fall 2014.

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  • carltjohnson

    Nick, will try to get to your book, I am trying to finish my second. I do believe that America WILL boomerang. I see it in the 150 or so, people I meet every day. I see the awakening and a return to the teachings of the greatest man in history and the greatest men in America’s history. I would have to describe it as “America’s second coming”.

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