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Published on November 30th, 2014 | by Nick Adams


18-Second Epic Takedown of Political Correctness

November 30th, 2014 | by Nick Adams

In a memorable Fox News interview that got tongues wagging, Australian author Nick Adams slammed political correctness.

Well, there’s always the politically correct types, Brian, the same people behind the idea that because I am a straight, white, middle class Christian male, I don’t get a voice or an opinion. But if I were a naked, gay Ecuadorian wind turbine engineer that got on my mat five times a day to face Mecca, with a credit line at the Bank of Jihad, I’d have the world at my feet.

Watch the epic moment here, starting at 3:23:

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  • Radman414

    Good job, Nick. Way to insert a “switchblade of humor” into the politically-correct blowhards…and twisting it.

  • TonyinSeattle

    Well, Mr. Nick I consider myself a politically correct type and I’m here to tell you that the quote above is not even close to being intelligible. Also, there is zero logic to your pathetic statement because the only reason that you are on Fox is because your are a straight, white, middle class Christian male. The fact that you think that you don’t get to have a voice or an opinion is contrary to what exactly you are doing. Exactly when have you ever seen a naked, gay, Ecuadorian wind turbine engineer on Fox? I’ll tell you, NEVER. Look Mr. Snowflake Nick I sure don’t see any people of color sitting on the pretty WHITE couch with you. Do you know of any Muslims that work at Fox? I don’t. This must be the season for really stupid people.

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