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Dear Friends,

I finally immigrated to America!!!

The US government awarded me an Extraordinary Ability Green Card – the rarest and most coveted of all. It’s like getting the greatest scholarship the world offers.

It was a 4.5 year battle, and cost almost fifty thousand dollars. It is an incredible tale of sabotage and juxtaposes the enormous difficulty of legal immigration with the red-carpet welcome of illegal immigration. I expose all with my explosive new book – Green Card Warrior: My Quest for Legal Immigration in an Illegals’ System – out November 1, 2016.

I have set up FLAG – The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit. Our website is It’s the only organized force in the world fighting anti-Americanism. We aren’t a think tank – we are a battle tank. We use the Left’s tactics against them. We are all about changing the culture and the media narrative. We are active across classrooms and newsrooms, seeking to counter the army of anti-American activists in schools, the media and other mainstream cultural institutions. America’s days as the world’s punching bag are over.

With these changes in my life, the most up-to-date website to follow my activity will be

I thank you all for your faithful support. We’re going to change the world, one heart and one mind at a time.

We will preside over a conservative, patriotic and constitutional renaissance, which will secure the American Dream for another 200 years at least.

All in for America,